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yolande posted a video
Tonight you will hear first accounts of some events that recently took place against an Arizona State National and how the American States Assembly assisted ...
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Franca Russo liked Brad Johnson's video
Jun 7
Franca Russo posted a status
Bless everyone who is leading this world into light love & humanitarian projects I cant wait but most of all we need to pray every day for the MILATARY-WHITE HATES for there dedication for there what they see and how they save this world we can never repay them and they need to know we pray as I do everyday for there safety.. GOD BLESS GOD children of the world.
Jun 7
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Jun 6
yolande commented on Brad Johnson's video
"I got your newsletter thank you and I appreciate these videos"
Jun 2
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Jun 1
Brad Johnson posted a video
In our 3rd episode of Season 2, Brad Johnson shares perspective on understanding the amalgamation effect and its nature to reintegrate our being as a whole. ...
Jun 1
Jp Power posted a status
Disappointed in today's New Earth Teachings newsletter. A prediction, which claims it isn't a prediction, predicts tribunals. No mention of who exactly these will be for or where precisely they will be held, other than that the counter force is doing it. And that they could come June to October. I am on board for justice. But I feel this is not the best work for this channel and will only inflame behavior like we see below, a person posting a video saying that the government of Canada has been overthrown and that people involved with vaccines will be to death.
May 30
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May 29
yolande commented on yolande's video
"I appreciate your comments EL PETR, thank you Brad for the invitation to share videos. Jp powers 1 I live in montreal 2 Brad country 3 Republic canada is very new earth 4,5,6,7,8,9,10..."
May 29
EL PETR commented on yolande's video
"thank you Yolande, for your video :)"
May 29
E Renee Renninger posted a status
Brad, Can Adronis comment on Yolande's video below: As Head of State And Commander in Chief of the Republic of Canada, Romana Didulo?
May 28
Jp Power commented on yolande's video
"How does this relate to New Earth Teachings?"
May 28
yolande posted a video
As Head of State and Commander-in-Chief of the Republic of Canada, I can officially confirm that the special forces of:1) US,2) Canada,3) Britain,4) Russia,...
May 27

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