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Disappointed in today's New Earth Teachings newsletter. A prediction, which claims it isn't a prediction, predicts tribunals. No mention of who exactly these will be for or where precisely they will be held, other than that the counter force is…
May 30
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"How does this relate to New Earth Teachings?"
May 28
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I just charged my cats water with every healing code card, body deck. The little bugger, he demands the best! And deserves it. His name is Ali. --- I researched and learned that yes cats have a pancreas, spleen, kidney and liver. And the other cards…
May 17
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I have to say, I own both healing code cards decks, the body and mind deck. And what is my current favorite #1 healing code card to use? The metabolism enhancer from the free samples from the website. there are some real keepers as part of the…
May 2
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spending the day doing chores and watching old episodes of The Reality Whisperer Webcast along the way. good times!
Apr 26
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one of my favourite things to do on the YouTube channel is go back and watch previous episodes of empathetic interfacing live. last night on the episode I was watching, from 2 years ago, brad and athena are working with the pink colour ray…
Apr 24
Jp Power is going to Spirit Ambassador Classroom #12 (LAST CLASS) - (Review - Part 2)
Apr 18
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just took out my pendulum for a go-round. I got my 2nd ever set of successful, clear responses for Yes, No and Uncertain. And for the 1st time I was able to get a response whilst commanding it to clear my energetic space, it started making small…
Apr 11
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guys I just experienced something new! ive had the healing code cards body and mind deck since they came out and thought i was using all the application methods: stare method (stare at the card for 60 seconds), water method (charge your water for 60…
Apr 2
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my cat returned home from the vet with an obesity diagnosis. yes, i am going to follow the traditional advice of exercising him more and examining his meal plan. but then it dawned on me, i have the healing code cards! i have been charging his water…
Mar 28
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"how does this relate to New Earth Teachings?"
Mar 24
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Mar 13
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I decided what my first question to my pendulum is going to be- going back now to spirit ambassador module 1 to do the meditation with brad to charge it- thanks for the assistance brad! = )
Mar 11
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getting deep into the Reality Whisperer Webcasts tonight (from the YouTube channel). starting with Go4it Randy and then going to watch the one(s) with Elena K. and/or Zion Zeta. so much to choose from - going to have some fun!
Mar 8
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going back to Brad's YouTube channel to see which Empathic Interfacing episodes I missed after being energized by yesterday's episode with Athena - blessings
Mar 6
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Mar 3