Adronis - The Repopulation Protocol

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Adronis, channeled by Brad Johnson, will be speaking on the phenomena commonly discussed in the spiritual community regarding: Starseeds Wanderers Walk-ins Rainbow Children Interdimensional travellers Super-Federation Fleets/Intervention Fleets He will also shed light regarding the purpose of the repopulation protocol and it's transitional process as it continues to flourish upon the Earth as we enter further into the fourth density.

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  • Peace and blessings Brad Adronis thank you
  • Hi what is the embede code for?
  • Amazing journey we are travelling
  • In this transmission, Adronis was a 6th density of consciousness being.

    11:11 mark
    I don't dowse 22 races, but 22 distinct genetic currents or contributions so to speak. 12 different beings contributed to human DNA 158'630 years ago this October, first tests 172k years ago by Ea and his sister, hybrid spirits between Ancient Annunaki and Elohim, anyway. The males appeared ~165k years ago as stated by Adronis in late 2019.

    The goal was to fight from within the game the Abnormality, the origin of the Soul Rebellion described by Adronis, that invaded our universe 12 billion years ago out of its 14 billion years of existence and has been trying to optimize away Creator by shimming itself inbetween it and it's consciousness shards at an individual level using spiritual system replacements hinging on glitches in Creation, since then corrected, and try to alchemyze it away at a global level by invading four other universes, ours included, on top of its own it conquered in Kurzweil Singularity style to do alchemy using universes.
    That problem was solved in 2020, we won the war against it and the original spiritual war has ended by victory of team Light in August 2020 =D

    So the 12 contributors I can dowse are:
    Creator, brought in by Metatron, Enlil as pure DNA from another universe, our original reinforcements that came in as soon as the Abnormality invaded, Ancient Lyrian couple with another pure DNA from another universe, so 4 distinct contributions, other 8 races all are hybrids, each with a distinctly mutated, hence counting as separate, Progenitor Race DNA origin. So 12 contribution total up to date, Andromedan contributor was a 4-hybrid, so 3 more contributions, Mantids of the solar system are 3-hybrids, Pleidians are 3-hybrids, Reptilians are 3 hybrids, Sirians are 2-hybrids, so 22 contributions total.

    The last original manufacturer's update to the human DNA was made 7'767 years ago, that makes 40.25% of all humans New DNA holders, you either are or not. Brad is not, I'm not either. ☺️🙏🙋
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