``Body and Soul`` - 🔥🎹 Channeled Healing Piano Transmission #48

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Welcome to《 🎹 Piano Transmission》Week #48! ~

💠🏵 ``Body and Soul``

[ Music • 6:25​ ] [ 🔸️ MP3 Download - https://bit.ly/2QZbIPv​ ]

▶ This transmission is sent in service to attune you to your highest available potential for personal growth and embodiment at this time. // Which may be much GREATER than you even think ~ (especially for those of us who have been feeling tired or jaded lately.. 😉) - So, don't be taken aback if you witness a level of deeply unprecedented change with this... and just allow yourself to receive it! You are worth it... and we need you, now more than ever.

☆ This energetic healing is interwoven behind the scenes of the transmission's secondary theme, which is ~ [ Seeing / not losing sight of your true soul-mission. ]
🔸Which is an absolutely paramount matter right now, as well -- specifically in terms of REALLY remembering and distinguishing between who you are on the Light level self (the soul).. and your human self. ➠ Just to give those two aspects the SPACE they need from each other... to truly recognize each other more clearly in such awe, and harmonize. Rather than being "jumbled" at all (i.e. Spiritual ego understandings, taking action not rooted in authenticity, etc. -- all of these symptoms of forgetting/falling out of our inner Loving·+·Wisdom ···▶ which is the rooted True-Self expression that you are).

With THIS energy of clear Distinction/space between your Soul and Human aspects anchoring into the body ~ we then start to quickly awaken much deeper remembrances that come from that Soul level of our self (even as subtle inspirations and "new ideas" 🏵). ☆ Which is the key that pushes everything forward in this time... that will help us all to rapidly accelerate in our journeys and our Service -- through insights, revelations, and literal Alchemizing & releasing densities in the body (that kept us bound to the old perception construct-sets)... etc.!

All of which... is the stepping into our true foundational power and Presence, that is so desperarely needed in our world right now. To speak every word from, take every action from ~ this space within yourself that is in Knowing of your true essence as a source being.

/ / /
Many people think of things like "Life purpose" and "Soul mission" as these big fireworks displays -- and in doing so, actually prevent themselves from receiving what the truth of this energy is: It does not come as a mental knowing or planning, it is a FEELING, first ~ this subtle true sense of your peaceful inner, authentic Self . . . that can arise in your heart when all the "fireworks" filters and expectations have subsided. 😉

▶ As you receive more and more of this, it will help to transform and move you into... This New space of existing. The "location" ..of the new world we are birthing into and making manifest on the outside.

· · · The "oxygen" for which... is becoming SO ripe and available now, in the 'atmosphere' if you will (the energetic grids, and all around us) that things are literally taking an entirely different course from here on ~

People are quantum-leaping and metamorphosing on their path by the thousands now... as of just these last few weeks, and the influxes and powerful brand-new energetics we have been receiving in preparation. Literally - We're HERE. 🔥

And you can join and allow this in for YOURSELF, as well. ✴ You do not need to wait for an external event or permission to simply do this ~ NOW.

Just allow.. Set your intention, and with the carrier presence of the music, RECEIVE it.

This is the timeline and trajectory I am experiencing, very authentically ... And I'm taking you all with me! 😁💗

So simply tune in, call yourself inward-TO your higher/deeper self levels ~ through your heart's resolve. (Just the intention is enough!) And allow the higher presence to once again bathe and surround your body, like never before. ··· This is what we are all Receiving from now, to flower into our truest expressions. So - call it through, and... Let the process happen.

Let the process accelerate - know that it is safe, and nothing is ever going to get destroyed! You are just coming back Home.😅 ~ Know, know, KNOW all this.. And you then relax ALL the old barriers of fear. As you witness your body transform into its higher phase frequency with every moment, if you allow. (...Don't freak out! :P)

· · · · ·
All that remains to do in this time... is to HEAL (not even 'dissolve' --▶ Heal) Humanity's collective ego, in this way. Starting with each of our own. To release the last of its fearful & wounded apprehensions. ✴ From where, everything in your personal ascension will start flying forward at warp-speed... Effortlessly.

🔸The [Way] is now available, more clearly to the wayshowers than it has EVER been before. So.. Receive it from Us.


And take others with you, now, in turn!

I love you... Step forth. Now is the time ~ and you have never been more ready. This is your sign.

Let this be it.

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