🔥🎹 Channeled Healing Piano Transmission - #40 (Entraining to the Earth)

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Welcome to 《🎹 Piano Transmission》 Week #40! ~

◈⋅ ``Entraining to the Earth`` ⋅◈ . . . ( 432hz )

[ • Music begins @ 9:25 ] [ 🔸 Download - MP3 ] - https://musicalhealing.bandcamp.com/track/entraining-to-the-earth-432hz-piano-transmission

As always, for those new to my playing ~ this is a purely Channeled transmission of healing energy that is expressed through Piano in the form of music. ▪ To receive - just tune in with your own heart's intention, and allow the music to reverberate within your body.

💮 The playing carries a very multi-dimensional nature that will speak to any aspect of your life that you focus on. So just relax and allow it to take you on a journey ~► Feeling yourself entraining more and more DEEPLY to the natural healing frequency / Bio-magnetic field of the Earth 🌎 — As the planet's powerful light quotient now grows rapidly, and Her capacity to sustain and RESTORE all life to its original blueprint... only becomes stronger and stronger.

Also calling us all ~ to the ever-growing importance of this (being more in alignment with the natural harmonics / rhythms of the Earth's body) — down to our very core — or else "suffer the consequences" [symptoms] that a lack of this surrendered grounding can create (i.e. getting 'dragged along!').

This natural entrainment will support you on all levels 🧡 IF you just ask 《and intend》 to receive the pure signature of surrendered Naturalness, and what that feels like in all aspects of your life. // From the land around you and the earth beneath you. . . . This is the key to so much in these times. ► Allow this music to assist you; make changes to incorporate more of this into your life - in ANY ways (large or small!). & Please SHARE this with anyone who could use a little extra help! ♦


Thank you for listening! ~ And for all that you are.

🎶 [ Feel free to send us SUPPORT via https://patreon.com/4improv ▪ And https://musicalhealing.bandcamp.com ]


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