🔥🎹 Channeled Healing Piano Transmission #44 - (👑 The Crowning)

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◈ Welcome to Week #44's Special EXTENDED《🎹 Piano Transmission》 !

☀️ ``The Crowning`` ⋅ (Your True Power)

[ • Music @ 18:25 ] [ 🔸 Download - Free MP3 - https://musicalhealing.bandcam... ]


This transmission is meant as a total Upgrade of awareness for all of us. ☆ Sharing the unique "Crown-open" knowing of Oneness - the direct experience & perspective of Creator within: ⋅ That NOTHING is outside of the total Self (which is all of 《existence》 as you) ~ and that no aspect of self is "outside of divinity," no matter how lost or steeped in darkness.

🏵 - As always, simply open and receive while breathing mindfully in your heart (with your own intentions if you wish) and feel how this takes shape for you ::

► This powerful reminder / upgrade will speak to all things in your life ~ but in particular, will help to awaken the STATE from where we can easily 《Reclaim》 and come into full communion with... all of our lost/fearful aspects of self ― no matter how resistant they may have previously been.

Embracing any and all the shielded/wounded parts of our heart... of our innocence ( • whether pained and traumatized from the past - or just afraid and unwilling, due to the great forgetting/separation that we have all incurred ). 🔥 AS WELL . . . as all the outer projections that this sub-consciousness [soul level] separation plays out as ~ in the outside reality that you experience.

♧ Together, as each of us individually heals this all-encompassing fragmentation... the old and tired Separation paradigm that has perpetuated itself (in unwillingness and resistance) for far too long . . . Can finally receive the healing and re-connection that it has so deeply and unknowingly longed for. ► Back into the eternal beholding of the great Light that ALL is made of - no matter how fully it was forgotten.

🔸️ In this way . . . we can bring closer the dawn of the New Earth through our individual experience (which is then collective) ☆ As this key shift in awareness ― transmitted through this music and many other channels 💛 ― is the culminating 'antidote' to the struggle and strife in the outside world that we are seeing (*which is in itself like a desperate, unknowing cry for this healing energy.. to pour forth and bring about its final liberation).

It all starts here! (- Pre-matter, energy.)


• • • • •

This full-consciousness signature, when entered into, automatically brings with it 《the inherent Compassion that is needed》 for all the dark, lost and parasitic energies that are now "unmasking" themselves -- to truly feel assured and capable of awakening to their true nature as Source (that is ALL things). To actually, for the first time in our history, become willing... to surrender back into "dissolution"/merger that they have so tirelessly and senselessly refused.

Wherein they will again simply be INFINITELY bathed in this unending life force, and freed from their ages-old miserable existence... of needing to "steal" this sustenance because they forgot that they were MADE OF IT.

♦️ This invitation for the healing and completion of this tired old cycle, we are All able to make through our hearts ~ towards all the atrocities and unfoldings that we are now witnessing. As this Transmission awakens the powerful knowing that's within you (through this 👑 Crown ⋅ Opening) of 《Seeing through the eyes of the One》 - that is the most important facet needed to form the correct communion that will "get through" to all energies that have lost their way. And will help them agree, without a shadow of doubt, to let down their "shell" and step into eternal relief and transformation.

• • • • •

So, whether it is aspects of our own personal self that have suffered pain, betrayal and disconnection • the larger wounds of our collective that are now surfacing to be healed and loved... • or this great cosmic culmination that's unfolding around us now.... it is the same ONE key vibration of 《full oneness-with》 that is needed to assist with its resolution, feeling and acknowledgment.

It is up to us!


💮 May this transmission be the light that shines forth into your world, whichever way you best wish to receive it... And may it move you ever further on your journey and evolution ~ as the One that resides within us all. 😉 🧡

// Simply allow it be received. Let yourself be transformed - knowing that the very core that is YOU... will never change. Merely the outside ~ will morph and dissolve, as you re-shape into infinitely ever greater versions of your self!


▪ VotL!! ▪

- Eugene


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