🔥🎹 Channeled Healing Piano Transmission #47 - (💗 The Heart That Reaches Infinity)

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◈ ⋅ Thank you for joining us for《 🎹 Piano Transmission》Week #47 ~ 

💗 ``The Heart That Reaches Infinity`` 
[ Music • 6:52 ] [ 🔸️ MP3 Download - https://bit.Ly/3bVjgK6 ]
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This transmission came following a strong calling to put something out there for us all, in this time. As the tides turn so rapidly now, and the constant new waves of upgrades & transformation flowing through our body can bring about great disorientation and destabilization. 
 ► Use this transmission to simplify your state of being, each time you listen... and breathe yourself back into the heart. // Breathe OPEN that space... and the love that's always within, as you close your eyes and journey with the music, letting it reverberate within your body (this is all that's needed) ~ And then if you wish, send the Presence you feel... into any of your personal or collective intentions! 
 Allowing the vibrations to purify and wash away any remnants of old / stagnant energies in ways of relating to your reality. 🔥 You will find the way, and we are ALL in this together. 
 · · · The Heart space . . . is the universal translator between Spirit and Body ◈ and its wisdom will always help you to entrain and flow WITH these powerful waves of Change (both internally and externally), with more ease and effortless grace. 
 Our deepest blessings to you ~ 
 We got this, guys! 😆
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 Thank you all - With so much love... 😁 - Eugene

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