🔥🎹 Grand Conjunction 12-21 Piano Transmission (🏵 Unity in Humanity ⋅ )

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◈ ⋅ Thank you for joining us for this special 《Culmination 🎹 Piano transmission》 of 2020! ~

🌺 ``Unity in Humanity`` ⋅ ( The Grand Conjunction 12/21)

[ — Music Begins • 13:33 ] [ 🔸 MP3 | Download - https://bit.ly/3rb8k1B ]

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This transmission is intended to provide support, anchoring and deeply heart-opening assistance... as we move towards 12/21, and approach the biggest and most massive Collective Meditation that's ever been organized in human history! . . . The impacts of which will be so unimaginably phenomenal in their magnitude, that after this, the world and our timelines will LITERALLY never be the same again.


► This music brings the energy of setting aside all of our differences and our need to be right... so that we can again feel the Heart-centered space that 《cares more about your fellow humans who are suffering right now than it does about whether you are on the right side of a topic or an issue.》- As has been so aptly said. 😉


It is THIS energy of the heart . . . that will help us to open to the immense Christed Light that's now coming in all around us (and will continue to) in preparation for this massive moment of collective breakthrough!

& Especially - it will help us to feel the unity of our common human spirit, as we join together in this momentous occasion... and transform our world, our future, and the very fabric of our reality.

☆ We each have a mission and piece to play within this... whether we know it or not. But the best way to come into this, TRULY ~ is as you listen, to just allow your heart to guide you. And know that wherever the music takes you — within your own definitions and reality — it is ALL part of your unique contribution to this, no matter how it may appear.


// So, don't judge or invalidate anything that your heart brings to you during this ~ just open and follow its unfolding. 🧡 And in doing this, you will allow any energies that would still pull you towards denser/chaotic Timelines (...versions of this unfolding) to just come to the surface, dissolve and be collapsed.


《 ► You deserve this. We all deserve this. And it is the time, now, to be free of the Old ways that no longer serve our collective! 》

As always — there are many layers to the music... so just open and receive what's right for you, every time you revisit this. Leading up to, and even beyond, the [12/21] Culmination point.



🌎🔥 And PLEASE ~ Join us in your own way at the exact moment of this breakthrough Mass Meditation:

► It is @ 1:22pm EST / Peru time on Monday 12/21 (or however this translates to your own time zone ~ see https://www.welovemassmeditation.com/2020/11/age-of-aquarius-final-activation-on-december-21st-at-622-pm-utc.html for the full list!)



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https://musicalhealing.bandcamp.com ]


Thank you all - With so much love... 😁

- Eugene

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